Why a website that promotes “Wi-Fi Free Zones”? 

Wi-Fi (an acronym that stands for “wireless fidelity”) utilises pulsed microwave radiation. The telecommunications industry claims that Wi-Fi is safe because it meets NZ standards.  However, this ignores the fact that the NZ standard for microwave radiation (Standard 2772:1) takes into account only the thermal (heating) effects of microwave radiation and ignores the other biological effects of microwave radiation.

Is Wi-Fi a Cancer Risk?

Wi-Fi is a relatively new technology.  However, radiofrequency radiation in the microwave spectrum was recently recognised to be a “possible human carcinogen”



 Other Health Concerns from Exposure to Microwave Radiation

These can be quite diverse and include increased production of free radicals  (which may cause damage to DNA  potentially resulting in cancers or birth defects) and cognitive problems including neurodevelopmental problems such as a possible link to autism in children.

For  examples of concerns expressed by doctors and a scientist with expertise in this field, please see these links:



Exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi is often involuntary, for example, radiation from Wi-Fi router in a neighbours’ home may be strong enough to be present in significant levels in surrounding homes creating an invisible form of electropollution.

The installation of Wi-Fi routers in homes, schools, businesses and public places such as libraries, town centres and beaches represent an unprecedented biological experiment on the human population (and the wildlife living in affected areas.)

If you do not want you, your children or grandchildren to be “human guinea pig: please take actions to stop the proliferation of Wi-Fi.  Please see this link for ideas: http://wififreezone.org.nz/how/


Special note to employers

Exposing staff to Wi-Fi is currently legal;  however, given the known health risks from microwave radiation, it is certainly not moral when safe alternatives for the provision of internet connections in the workplace i.e. cable-based systems not only exist (but generally provide better data fidelity.)

A Wi-Fi free workplace will not only reduce risk that employees will suffer damage to their health but also has potential to increase productivity by creating a healthier work environment in which employees do not suffer microwave radiation associated symptoms such as headaches etc that can adversely affect job performance.


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