How can you help create a healthier environment?

There are actions that everyone can take to reduce Wi-Fi exposure and therefore the health risks from microwave/radiofrequency radiation.

 Make your home a Wi-Fi Free Zone

If you have a Wi-Fi router in your home, replace it with a non Wi-Fi router.  You will not only be doing yourself a favour, but also helping your neighbours given that microwave radiation from a Wi-Fi router in your home may be present inside their home.

NB: If you live in a remote area and cannot access the internet in any way other than through Wi-Fi, and need to be online, the safest way to use Wi-Fi is to turn the router on only when you need to access the internet.  Keep the router off at night as exposure to microwave radiation while sleeping may reduce melatonin levels, reducing sleep quality.  In addition to its role in regulating sleeping melatonin is an important antioxidant and low melatonin levels are associated with increased risk of breast cancer.

Educate Your Neighbours

You can help your neighbours learn about the risks of Wi-Fi.  On our Resources page you will find a leaflet that you can print out and put in letter boxes in  your neighbourhood. (NB:  This page and resource have yet to be created…please check back soon!)

(Depending on how close your home is to your neighbours, this may not only help them but  may be of considerable benefit to you as the microwave radiation from their Wi-Fi router may reach your home or garden.)

Educate Your Family and Friends

Send your family and friends and email about this site and/or share the site through your Facebook page or any other social media that you may use.

Educate Decision Makers

 Local Government

City and District councils ask for public feedback on plans on a  regular basis.  Use this process to educate local councillors on the Wi-Fi issue and to ask for councilors support to help create a Wi-Fi- free city/district by taking the following actions:


  • Removing Wi-Fi installations from publicly owned facilities such as libraries, art galleries and concert halls and town centres.
  • Creating by-laws that prevent companies/organisations from putting Wi-Fi router in areas where they will expose the public to microwave radiation, such as one that prevents streets, parks or beaches being made into Wi-Fi hot zones.


Central Government 

 Government or parliamentary select committees inquiries offer opportunities to educate MPs about Wi-Fi.  Any inquiry or bill relating to children’s health or development or health and disability topics in general as well as employment (Wi-Fi is an avoidable hazard in the workplace) and education (some ECE centres, many schools and  tertiary institutions have Wi-Fi) provide an opportunity to bring the Wi-Fi/microwave radiation pollution issue to MP’s attention.

Political Parties

 If you are a member of a political party please educate fellow party members on the Wi-Fi issue and work to pass remits on the following:

  • Support for grass roots local Wi-Fi-free zones
  • Local by-laws preventing the installation of Wi-Fi routers in phone boxes or any other place that results in involuntary exposure to the public
  • National legislation for safer standards for all devices producing radio frequency radiation in the microwave spectrum


 Wi-Fi in the workplace is an important health and safety issue.  Union members, delegates and leadership can help create a safer workplace by educating their membership about the health issues associated with exposure to microwave radiation and negotiating contracts so that Wi-Fi exposure is reduced or eliminated.

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